Made for emerging fashion designers and entrepreneurs.
Focused on disruptive fashion technologies.

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Innovative Business Models in Fashion

How can young fashion designers use technology to innovate their business models and find even new revenue streams?

Tips and examples by
Sara Marquez-Gallardo, PhD

Marketing Strategies for Fashion in 2024 

Overview of new and exciting ways to promote your fashion brand in 2024. Technical workshop using CLO3D and Blender.

Kirke Leinatamm
Workshop by Sylwia Szymczyk

How to Use 3D in Your Design Process

3D sampling is taking over the fashion industry, but how should small fashion brands go about it and what should they be careful about?

Tips from the experienced Joshua Young

CLO3D Beginners Crash Course

Learn the  basics of CLO3D software. By the end of the 4h course you will be able to create your own design and render a high-quality image.

Kirke Leinatamm

How to Make the Most of AI in Your Fashion Business

What are the most prevalent AI tools in fashion today and how to use them in a responsible way?

Tips and demos by Patricia Haueiss

Our program is designed to

Provide practical knowledge 

Learn to leverage technology in your fashion business. Our goal is to break the myth that implementing technologies is expensive and highly demanding and show you how you can benefit from these technologies.

Inspire innovation among designers

By fostering a community of forward-thinking individuals, we encourage collaboration and the exchange of ideas, ensuring that our designers stay ahead of industry trends and drive sustainable, tech-savvy advancements in fashion.

Introduce valuable tools and resources

Our sponsors are here to show how their solutions can help you improve your business workflows or find new ways to promote your business, making it easier to find customers.

Foster a community

We prioritize fostering a vibrant and supportive community. Our platform brings together designers, entrepreneurs, and industry experts, creating an environment where members can share ideas, collaborate on projects, and learn from one another.
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Why should I learn about fashion technology?

In today's fashion landscape, sustainability-focused business models alone are no longer sufficient. Brands must also embrace technology to demonstrate their commitment to advancing the industry rather than contributing to its environmental footprint.

However, with rapid technological advancements and the prevalence of hype surrounding certain innovations, navigating this landscape can be daunting.

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