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CLO3D Beginners I

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This course is essential for fashion students and professionals looking to stay at the edge of the rapidly evolving trends in fashion.

This is the first part of the CLO3D Beginners course to gain the basics of the skill that is so fundamental to any digital development in the industry.

You will learn to navigate the software, sew a T-shirt and a sweatshirt with details like binding and topstitching. By the end of the course you will know how to create a high quality render image.
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The No.1 Skill to Have in Fashion in 2024

All major brands in the fashion industry have implemented 3D tools at least in their product development processes. Many have ventured even further, including AR, virtual showrooms, 3D viewers etc on their website or social media.

Learning 3D is the first step you need to take to tackle this whole new age in Fashion and stay competitive, as it is the basis of all the forementioned technologies. 
According to McKinsey & Company, fashion brands are expected to double their investment in technology by 2030 to keep up with digital natives and create a competitive edge. Moreover, it states that over 60% of fashion executives believe creating integrated digital processes throughout their organizations will be among their top five areas for digitization as they look to 2025. These statements together with what we have seen already - collaborations, viral CGI marketing campaigns like Jacquemus and Louis Vuitton - draw a clear picture of where the fashion industry is heading.

Multiple publications among the majority of experts have stated that one of the main skills expected from fashion designers and other professionals is proficiency in technology, most importantly 3D software.

Brands might use different kind of 3D software so it might be confusing which one to choose to start learning. The fact is though, that all 3D software is very similar. Once you learn one, changing to another software later will be easy. We have chosen CLO3D as it is the most popular and affordable 3D software.

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this course you will be able to:
  • Navigate CLO3D's interface, including main navigation, layout, controls and key tools
  • Create garments in CLO3D through two methods: importing pattern files and creating simple modifications on existing designs.
  • Build a T-shirt and a sweatshirt with details such as binding and topstitching
  • Practice avatar modification options and custom posing
  • Assign fabrics from CLo3D library and modify simple properties
  • Understand the key aspects of achieving realistic and high-quality render images within CLO3D

By the end of this course you will

Build a sweatshirt

With topstitches and different fabrics

Render a Hi-Res Image

With custom posing and custom render settings
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Course Contents

Thank you!

Thank you for being so patient! It takes time for me to learn new software, you were very helpful and always patient to answer all of our questions!

Nevin Ahmed

I really enjoyed the course

For me I always wanted to learn this program. I really enjoyed the process of playing with patterns and the program. I probably need to have a better computer to really focus on the program then I'll be so much better in it. But for the beginning thank you so much for everything. It was a good start to get to know about the program for me!!

Azra Sevim

I had fun learning!

I couldn't attend some of the classes but the ones that I could attend were so fun for me. I really liked using the program even though I am not confident in using it since I need more practice. It was very fun and lecturing. I definitely want to learn clo3d more in detail and use use it both for my personal projects and my future work life. Thank you for your classes. 

Simay Coban

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Kirke Leinatamm

After graduating the Master's programme of Textile Management in Sweden and successfully defending her master thesis about Virtual Influencers in 2019, she quickly understood the world of digital fashion is something she is truly passionate about.

She learned CLO3D on her own and the first clients found her quickly, making her shift from a freelancer to a team leader and agency owner only in a few months. Since last 4 years she has worked with hundreds of international fashion brands, providing services like 3D garment design, virtual ambassador creation, marketing content creation with 3D and more. 

Already during the first year of getting into digital fashion she was invited to give a workshop for a university and until now she has given digital fashion workshops and courses in several countries for ca 140 fashion designers and enthusiasts. She is giving CLO3D courses for fashion students in the international fashion schools of ESMOD and LaSalle.

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