Fashion Schools and Creative Incubators.

Book us to inspire and teach your students and designers about the vast possibilities of digital tools in fashion. All options possible both in person and online.

Introductory Workshop - Live

A 3h workshop to give an overview of digital tools in fashion with a myriad of real-life examples (topics include 3D design in product development, marketing strategies with 3D technologies, sustainable business models empowered by digital tools)

1 Day Hybrid Workshop - Live

A full day workshop that includes the introductory lesson and also a crash course for the most essential tools in CLO3D.

Online Courses

Contact us the receive a custom price quote for your students or designers.

Fashion Brands.

Find Your Pathway to Digital Transformation

We provide Fashion Brands assistance by offering training programs for their existing staff members or help finding fresh talent from our community of certified digital fashion designers. 

Train Your Staff


Hire Talent


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